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UX/UI Design

Sal Recipe App (UI)

Sal is an audio recipe guiding mobile app that allows users to cook hands free.

About Sal

Sal is an audio recipe guiding app that allows users to cook hands free. As someone who enjoys cooking in my spare time, I find it quite tedious when I have to wash my hands everytime to scroll down on my laptop or smart phone to continue reading the recipe. With Sal, it completely eliminates that process!

Through voice commands, Sal guides you through online recipes found on the web and translates for you on a clean and minimalistic UI app. Users also have the freedom to turn the reading system of Sal on or off, depending if they want a quiet cooking space or not.

First, find a recipe you would like to cook. From there, use voice commands to let Sal you guide the rest of your way through your cooking. We hope that Sal guide you through all of your cooking adventures.

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Latest works

Re-designing the learning management system (LMS), Moodle based off findings from user research.
UX Design
Conducting user research on Victoria's public transportation app, PTV to identify the top five major problems with the PTV app.